Get Drunk Drivers Off the Road

Police and other authorities can only do so much. They have limited budgets, they’re understaffed and they are out numbered. This is why it is up to us, the American driver, to stand up and fight against this growing epidemic. Drivers under the influence are responsible for over half of all driving accidents and more than 70% of all accidents that result in fatalities. Those are staggering numbers and somebody needs to do something about it.

These drivers, that are under the influence, kill innocent people, including children, and cause more traffic accidents than any other drivers on the road. If you are one of these offenders, we hope this website scares you straight because we will find you, and we will report you.

Do yourself a favor, the next time you have a drink and think about getting behind the wheel of your car, think about the children that are sharing the road with you. Think about the families that are returning home from an event. Now, think about all the trouble you’ll get in if you cause an accident or even worse, kill one of those drivers, passengers, or children sharing the road with you. What if that person was a member of your family? Is it worth it?

Reporting Drunk Drivers is a simple organization strengthened by a powerful online force… American drivers! Our goal is to help make the roads more safe by helping fight the fight against drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We do this by gathering information from real people who have witnessed these suspected offenders in action. They simply complete our form, sending us the information we ask for, and we do the rest.

We’ll use your information wisely.

If you are the type of person who takes the time to see what’s happening around them, we want to say thank you. It’s people like you that make it possible for us to be here. With your eye to detail and your reports, we will surely take drunk drivers off the road. Here are some of the things you can expect us to do with the information you submit about suspected drunk drivers.

  • We send the information provided to us to local police departments.
  • We also send the same information to local state police departments just to be sure someone knows.
  • We follow up on all of our leads by staying in contact with the authorities. If we receive a bust, we will post the information on this site.
  • We also send this information to organizations like MADD who are surely to take notice to these suspected offenders.

Along with reporting these individuals, we decided to also allow web users to search our databases to find out they’ve ever been reported. It was a moral decision on our part because we firmly believe that if one knows they’ve been reported, it may just wake them up enough to never do it again. Click Here to search our databases