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Lakeland, Florida – 10/30/2012

Details of this DUI Report

Date: 10/30/2012

Location: Lakeland, Florida

Township: Lakeland

Road/Highway: 814 Whisper Wood Drive/ Eagle

Time: 03:15 pm

Car/Truck: White Convertiable Mercedes-Benz 2008

Age: 35-44

Gender: Female

This women has been reported many many times. She drives drunk many times a month. She lives at this address now. She was going out to a bar now that is where she is now. She will be driving around Lakeland and then back to her house tonight this is what she always does. It looks like reporting her is a joke. When she kills someone I am going on the News Station in Tampa and tell everybody how many times we have reported her and nothing has been done about it. Whats with the police in Polk County/Lakeland, Winter Haven FL???????? Her Name is Maris Clark! I think the police are letting her get away with driving drunk because she is driving this car.



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